Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

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Heidi Marshall
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

AmeriCorps/ VISTA member Heidi Marshall finished development work on the C-CAN Volunteer Hub project as well as work on a new initiative: developing a “technical assessment” report that local CTCs might use as a model.

The Volunteer Hub project required finalizing the database of local CTCs, contracting them to review their data, and training them in use of the online volunteer database and volunteer opportunities directory ( In the course of this project, Heidi focused on recruitment of volunteers. To date, volunteers have been matched to 12 programs around the city, and several more are scheduled to come on board this coming fall of 2003.

Project Outcome: 

In addition to recruiting and managing volunteers, Heidi has been very involved with local colleges and the University of Minnesota regarding placement of student interns within area CTCs. Heidi attended many meetings in the course of this project, and as a result, C-CAN was one of only a few, select non-profit organizations the U of Minnesota chose as partners for their community outreach program, a program that places undergraduates in social service agencies as part of course work.

This groundwork has helped us to develop a sustainable network of volunteers for local CTCs that will serve the community even after our AmeriCorps*VISTA members finish their service later this year.

Since February of 2003, Heidi has organized and facilitated two quarterly and one annual meeting for local CTCs, working with other national organizations to provide resources to our local CTC partners. As a result of her outreach work, 25 local CTC leaders and advocates, and a representative from CTC/national (Felicia Sullivan) made a presentation at our annual conference in September.

Heidi finished work with a local community agency (Pillsbury United Communities; see attached) to develop and implement a “technical assessment” project that will serve as a model for other organizations that have asked for assistance with assessments.

Impact Quote: 

The success of Heidi’s service year has resulted in increased activity and the development of formal collaborations between partners, the public and our organization, and the development of a sustainable online volunteer matching service.

Investing in Impact

The Center for Social Media and The Media Consortium have a released a new report on the necessity of evaluating public media, entitled “Investing in Impact: Media Summits Reveal Pressing Needs, Tools for Evaluating Public Interest Media”:

Needs include:

1) Getting on the same page: Developing shared categories of impact assessment
2) Following the story: Tracking the movement of content and frames across platforms and over time

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