Crowdsourcing Capital with Knight and Maine Health Access Foundation

Four Types of Crowdsourcing

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation recently announced the winners of the 2011 Knight News Challenge. As Massachusetts residents, we are excited to see so much wealth invested locally: Knight has dropped over $1 million dollars on projects in Boston and Cambridge including Awesome Foundation, Public Laboratory, and Zeega.

Back to the Source, a Report on Crowdsourcing Community Feedback


With this report, the Transmission Project attempts to carve out a space for its values in the realm of online crowdsourcing. Drawing on interviews with leaders at community-based organizations and foundations including MassHousing, the Knight Foundation, and the Maine Health Access Foundation, we review several funders’ approaches to gathering wider feedback on grant applications and construct a framework that serves as a guide for future practices and as the foundation for a more inclusive crowdsourcing tool.

Honest Practice: How the Public Sector Can Look at Itself


An article about the pitfalls of subscribing to so-called best practices. An alternative is offered in the form of Honest Practice: a narrative approach to evaluation that contests the copy-and-paste mentality that plagues our field.

Written by Howie Fisher with illustrations and design by Billy Brown

Revisiting Honest Practice

Looking back through my writings about honest practice, I came across this piece originally published in the NAMAC eBulletin.

“You can’t copy your way to the top.”

This “meta lesson” from The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership struck me when advising a colleague on a grant that wanted applicants to document the use of “best practices” in their proposed project. The real kick was that the funder was only interested in new projects and proclaimed to support innovation.

Federated Search Engine of All NAMAC Member Organizations


This is a ‘federated search engine’ built by former CTC VISTA, Morgan Sully. It performs a simultaneous search of all NAMAC Member organizations.

Check it out here:

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