"Girls Get Digital" Project Building and Teacher

VISTA Name: 
Ria Fay-Berquist
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

I. Increase student participation
II. Enhance Volunteer Recruitment and Management Procedures
III. Raise funds to support ongoing programs
IV. Build the YCTP and GGD media presence
V. Develop and strengthen programs and curriculum

Project Outcome: 

Ria has done a good job of connecting with schools and organizations to
create alliances for projects and for recruitment. Ria hasalso been wonderfully effective at recruiting guest speakers and field trip hosts for GGD.

Ria has done a wonderful job of preparing program information for the public, including the fall GGD update (sent to funders and partner agencies) and the December graduation flier. Because the program’s outreach has been so successful, there has not been a need for the extensive outreach we have had in the past.

I believe Ria’s work on program curriculum and her work in the classroom will be one of her greatest legacies in the program. She has developed strong curricula and has led successful, creative classes. She has developed curriculum for and taught the fall and spring classes and has developed a proposal for a summer video program. Her teaching style with the students has been steadily improving, and her comfort level and ability in working with students in and out of the classroom has been a pleasure to watch grow.

Impact Quote: 

I have been continually impressed by Ria’s dedication to the program and ability to keep on top of the many challenges of this period of time, and I believe that her ability to bring together the creative and organizational aspects of the program will serve us well in coming years.

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