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Staff Technology Training and CTC Support

Homeless Prenatal Program
VISTA Name: 
Britney Fosbrook
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

-Teaching weekly Community Health Worker class - including developing original curriculum.
-Staff training - HPP’s staff has a low computer literacy and needs training. Brittney is surveying this need and will advise on the creation of a personalized assessment for staff. Then she will help with the development of the staff training curriculum.
-Working to control technology issues through organization and standardization. Activities include creating computer inventory, set-uping standard desktop configurations, writing policy and working on long-term goals for Technology Center and HPP.

Project Outcome: 

Brittney teaches the Community Health Worker (CHW) Class. (The CHWs are paid interns, often former clients, who are usually hired as staff at HPP after they finish their internship.) She has created a dynamic and engaging curriculum for the CHW class.

Brittney also gives private weekly staff tutoring as well as ongoing staff tech support.

During open lab drop-in hours every afternoon, Brittney offers housing and job search support for clients.

Brittney is also in charge of maintaining our websites, and our organization wide forms system. She was put in charge of the phones, created a phone user guide and manages new staff phone needs.

Brittney is active in writing policy and long-term planning, including helping in the hiring process of the new Technology Manger.

Another large project that Brittney has taken on gracefully is overseeing the ailing database, which has not been able to handle our staffs’ needs. She is working as the intermediary between staff, consultants and database programmers and is working to prepare HPP for a new database system.

Impact Quote: 

Brittney has been instrumental at every step, on nearly every project. She has been able to assess where her time and talent could be better used during her stay at HPP.

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