youth computer skills training

Youth Technology Training and Outreach

Plumas County Health Agency
VISTA Name: 
Daniel Ambrose
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Project Description: 

VISTA activities include mentoring, training, and being a role model to youths. VISTA individuals with work collaboratively with partners to reach out to youths for activities.

The long range goals of our technology vision are that all citizens, no matter what socio-economic or academic background they come from, are entitled to access to technology.

Computer Skills Trainer

VISTA Name: 
Betzaida Barreto
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The long range goal of the project is to increase the academic achievement and employment skills of Mission Main residents. Adults reaching an adequate level of proficiency with the computer will be able to complete their G.E.D.s on-site. Outcomes will include:

- More Mission main adults will complete their G.E.D.s
- Children will improve their grades; some will enter competitive high schools
- Adults will be promoted into better paying positions

AmeriCorps VISTA members will provide group and individual computer instruction to Mission Main adults and youth in the Computer Learning Lab. They will also provide instruction to residents who are working to obtain their G.E.D. certificates.

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