Community Engagement

VISTA Name: 
Chanvon Mom
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Chanvon has been involved in three major projects: Technology Goes Home, Youth Mapping, and street outreach recruitment particularly targeting young women.

Regardingthe Technology Goes Home Program, Chanvon has been able to coordinate with our PC repair program to ensure that the 4 families enrolled all received refurbished computers. All 4 families completed the program. All families attended all sessions of the program, completing the curriculum designed by Tech Goes Home Boston.

With regard to the youth mapping, our team of nine youth mappers have canvassed most of the downtown area. The youth attended a full-day training June 27th, where they learned about the importance of mapping, interviewing skills and the surveys & database that are fundamental to the process.

And lastly, in terms of Chanvon’s involvement in the street outreach recruitment, she spent 2-3 times during the week doing outreach with the other recruiters to get young women involved in our programs, specifically technology-related programs.

Project Outcome: 

Chanvon was able to do a very nice job of recruiting more young women into the program, particularly those of Southeast Asian descent. With regard to the Tech Goes Home program, one of the major changes we will be making for the next round will be to incorporate a greater family involvement component into the overall structure.

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