CTC Program Building

Break Away Technologies
VISTA Name: 
Will Loeb
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

With respect to the VISTA project, it is Breakaway Technologies’ goal to assist individuals with 6th grade reading and math skills to increase their skills to ninth grade levels via our contextualized literacy program.

Goal 1: To develop a curriculum for the contextualized literacy program and determine its effectiveness.
Goal 2: To secure adoption of the contextualized literacy program by the American Association of Community Colleges.
Goal 3: To develop forms and procedures for BT to use in connection with the contextualized literacy program.
Goal 4: To develop community partnerships for BT’s Smarthood.net program and CTCs through partner outreach.

Project Outcome: 

In specific terms: in respect to Goal #1, we have in fact created a contextualized literacy program in response to the previously assessed needs of the A+ candidates. In conjunction with the curriculum we have produced the necessary adjoining workbook. At this time we have just completed our first test run of this curriculum, we are currently gathering and analyzing the feedback from subjects along with our partnering organizations. To date the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now moving to incorporate this data into the program itself.

As to Goal #2 the materials are currently under review by the AACC. We are expecting helpful feedback and an overall smooth process. At this point in time the curriculum remains under advisement with the AACC.

On Goal #3 we have created and put in place specific operating agreements with our various partner organizations. As these agreements were drafted by a VISTA who is a lawyer, they are professionally created and agreed upon by all concerned.

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