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Ella Holden
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Project Description: 

This year has been successful, for we conducted the following classes here at the Riley Hill Technology Center: Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, as well as Introduction to the personal computer. The total number of students attending was 54. As Ella says, “I was blessed with seven volunteer instructors by advertising in the community. I was also privileged to teach Microsoft Word with an Introduction to the Personal Computer.”

A Computer Repair course was developed for Riley Hill Community Technology Center. Ella decided to use two resources to develop this course: Computer Concepts (Third Edition) and Technology for Social Change’s curriculum (www.tecschange.org) with their permission. Ella also planned to use the RTPnet site as a reference for this course.

Project Outcome: 

Developing this course has helped Ella to better troubleshoot computers, for there are individuals in the community that are in dire need of help. These individuals bring their personal computers to the center for technical support. In the Wendell Community and surrounding areas, the Riley Hill Technology Center is the only source that does not charge a fee for service.

We very grateful to add our source of Volunteers & Technology Resources. We have used the following sources this year (2003-2004):

• Schools (K-12) students as well as other personnel
• Community Colleges
• Libraries (Public and Other)
• Local businesses
• Wake Forest Pediatrics (Wake Forest, NC)
• Churches (Wakefield, Zebulon First Baptist etc.)
• RTP.net (Website)
• Family and Friends of staff members
• Department of Social Services (Eastern Regional Center, Zebulon)
• Retired Senior citizens

The quality of life has improved for the youth and adults who have taken computer classes at the center, however updating the computer equipment as well as software is still needed. We are currently looking for funding for this project and for a long-term way of sustaining the center. The Riley Hill Survey Plan has given some insight on how to get this plan implemented.

Impact Quote: 

Ella has done an outstanding job in coordinating and teaching classes as mentioned in her report this period. She is very dependable, very cooperative, a team player, and continues to be an asset to the Riley Hill Community. Her interaction with others (peers, youth, students, etc.) is outstanding. During this time period, there have not been any negative comments received regarding Ella. To sum it up, I would rate her as ‘Consistently Exceeds’ the requirements in all aspects of the job.”
- supervisor

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