CTC Support

Sand Point CTC (LIHI)
VISTA Name: 
Catherine Sullivan
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

VISTA Member Catherine Sullivan is currently working with the Low Income Housing Institute Sandpoint CTC. The CTC is open to anyone in the community needing access to technology and offers trainings to seniors on an ongoing basis along with a Tuesday night tutor group. In the future the CTC plans to offer additional computer classes to the community.

Project Outcome: 

• Built a good rapport with CTC users. Cat has developed a good relationship with many of the CTC users. The users are not afraid to ask her for assistance and she has many community members coming to her on a regular basis.

• Contacted representatives from each county in WA for information to put on new LIHI website. Cat sent an e-mail to people from each county seeking community information to add to a community resource/predatory lending website. She also compiled information for many of the counties through her own research.

• Coordinated the scheduling of Volunteer Monitors. Cat has been working with our volunteer monitors to ensure proper coverage to maintain the hours the lab is available for the community.

• Prepared CTC for Senior Training Seniors Classes. Cat has ensured that computers are running and that the lab is set up for the seniors training seniors’ classes. This had not been being done satisfactorily in the past, Cat has done an excellent job of ensuring that it now is and has received many compliments from the volunteer teachers.

• Posted rules and calendar of lab hours. Cat has developed a calendar to post for lab hours. She has also met with the volunteer monitors to establish rules for the lab. She is currently working with the monitors to ensure the rules are being followed.

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