CTC Youth Program Building

VISTA Name: 
Stephen LoVerme
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

As a CTC HOME, Inc has been working with the Boston Public schools to develop community computer/media labs in several schools. The main thrust of the program has been based on a Media Literacy and Health project that was funded by the U.S. Department Education under which we have been developing media and technology curriculum in five schools.

This Summer we are projecting having 25 teens in a 30 hour per week six week, media intensive at the BNN studio in Roxbury

The media lab project has five areas of focus:

1) strengthening teens’ confidence through projects after school in media arts, that include self expression through media and computer techonologies.

2) providing professional development for teachers in project-based learning and media literacy to help connect after school with in school learning,

3) providing workshops and projects after school that increase teens’ critical thinking, communications and problem solving skills,

4) building an in-school and after school network of teachers, parents and mentors to support teens.

5) building a broad base of funding support for the program.

Currently HOME, Inc has two full time staff devoted to the project.

Each CTC ProjectCoordinator/VISTA will work with the administrators at each of the school and after school programs to help develop the in-school and after school network of teachers, parents and mentors that can provide support to the students utilizing the media lab.

Project Outcome: 

Stephen was the primary link between HOME, Inc. and Brighton High School. providing technical support to four teachers and supporting teachers in two media classes by helping to develop curriculum, provide professional development support including support to the teachers as they learned new computer applications. Stephen provided additional help to some of the students and helped our Media Lab Coordinator organize his work and program at Social Justice Academy. Stephen updated our website and helped develop and update our summer Teen TV content management system for our six week long summer intensive.

Stephen is a dedicated, sensitive and creative teacher who in his low key style gains the trust of hardened and skeptical teachers and students at the schools. He has outstanding problem solving skills and accepts most difficulties with grace and a can do attitude. Stephen was able to provide a high degree of leadership during our summer Teen TV intensive, providing both technical and creative support that encouraged staff and students to excel. His work on our website has helped to ensure that the content management system will continue to be an important factor in our organization’s growth and success.

Impact Quote: 

Stephen has been an outstanding and dedicated VISTA. An example is how he is willing to devote time to bring others up to speed in areas where they are having difficulty. He is extremely patient and dedicated others success and this has won him the support of technophobic teachers, hurried administrators and skeptical students.”
- Alan Michel, supervisor

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