Digital Storytelling Web Development

VISTA Name: 
Laura Hadden
Program Start: 
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Project Description: 

Our AmeriCorps*VISTA member will assist with CDS ongoing work in Community Digital Storytelling, both developing capacity for our community-based programs in the Bay Area, and working to assist the development of the Stories for Change Website and networking work among local,national and international organizations involved in Digital Storytelling with grassroots communities.

Theier tasks will include:

a)providing organizing and outreach capacities for workshops organized by CDS in collaboration with local partners including Youth Uprising, Art in Action, Girls Inc., and Marin Youth Center,

b)Assisting with a youth-focussed Digital Storytelling video festival at Oakland’s Parkway theater and San Francisco’s Zeum,

c) Assisting with editorial work, continued outreach, and helping to design an online training tool to help organizations use the Stories for Change Portal, and

d)assisting with the organizing and follow-up for the Community Digital Storytelling Gathering in Tuscon, Arizona, Spring of 2007.

Project Outcome: 

Laura Haddon Manages, a website for uploading digital stories and disseminating resources to facilitators of digital storytelling. She monitors the website, responds to user questions, helps resolve technical issues, facilitates content development and has implemented an initiative to broaden the steering committee and create an advisory board for the site as part of a strategic initiative to increase website utilization.

She has also worked on Center for Digital Storytelling‚Äôs (CDS) Silence Speaks website ( that focuses on disseminating digital stories of individuals that have survived violence and was in charge of updating content on the International Day for Telling Life Stories site ( This was an international initiative for promoting the importance of life stories, especially stories of marginalized voices, for developing solidarity and understanding in communities and across borders.

She has also participated in various CDS media and outreach campaigns, and will be involved in strengthening our internal digital story archiving system in order to better serve our workshop participants.

Impact Quote: 

They are both invaluable in terms of training staff in how to use the technology and being able to offer ideas about the potential of the technology for improving our services. In particular, Laura has been able to leverage past experience in the non-profit sector. She came to us with media and outreach experience and is comfortable framing the work of CDS in terms that other professionals in the sector can easily understand. Her leadership skills have allowed her to go to conferences and speak confidently about how digital storytelling is effective as a tool for personal healing and transformation, as well as effectively communicating new information to a variety of stakeholders, constituencies and key decision makers.”
- Andrea Spagat, supervisor

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