IT Support and Consulting

VISTA Name: 
James Fishwick
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

James Fishwick’s VISTA assignment began with a focus on development support for the Greater Boston Broadband Network, support for the growth of the College’s technology use by faculty and staff and in programs related to the Community Media and Technology program, and CTC VISTA project web site support. Over the course of his last six months, James continued to do very impressive work in all three areas and concluded his term of service by becoming the project’s VISTA Leader for a second year of service and attending VISTA Leader training at the end of August.

Project Outcome: 

James took on major responsibility for CBC coordination, project web site development, and the monthly pilot cable and web cast “First Tuesday” program, undertaking the latter while serving as the Assistant Producer.Overall project coordination involved assisting with monthly meeting arrangements and follow through with subcommittee needs and support. Web site development included not only design and technical maintenance but content development as well. As Assistant Producer for “First Tuesday,” James undertook a wide range of tasks insuring smooth program production, including serving as live-time chat coordinator and on-camera contributor, set design, plant, and web cast coordination, and post-production assistance.

With regard to the College, James continued to provide a good range of support to individual faculty and programs and helped give visible, tangible testimony of the value of the Community Media and Technology program. In addition to special help to five faculty/programs, James assisted the CPCS IT Task Force, a committee dedicated to a thorough review of the current IT landscape at UMass and its effect on the college. The task force makes recommendations to the college on how to move on various IT issues, especially the establishment and subsequent development of the Clark Taylor Center. James has served as secretary to the committee and has helped to facilitate discussions on needs for the Center with CPCS faculty.

Finally, as the web master for the CTC VISTA Project itself (, James initiated a number of design and content contributions that have contributed to the project’s aesthetic and programmatic presentation for VISTAs, supervisors, and the general public. His work with the VISTAs in encouraging and helping them develop their own web pages and resources, along with his moderation of the metroBoston and national CTC VISTA member electronic discussion lists and general communication have given him a major leadership status among his fellow VISTAs and in the overall project.

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