Marketing and Outreach

Boston Neighborhood Network
VISTA Name: 
Scott Hillier
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

• Implement plans to increase BNN’s membership and client base.
• Help write publicity and design flyers, brochures, and newsletters.
• Help organize and produce special outreach activities including video promotions, community oriented TV programs, and public service announcements for non-profit organizations.
• Implement plans for targeted outreach to special populations (e.g. youth, elders, ESL groups, disabled).
• Help implement BNN’s training programs by developing curriculum to meet members’ and client’ needs. Teach workshops to youth and adults in video and digital media at BNN and off-site at member organizations.
• Assist with maintenance of digital editing equipment at CityPlace.
• Complete PSAs

Project Outcome: 

Scott came to BNN in September 2002. He quickly became a valuable member of the BNN team, assisting with Ed/Out projects that promote BNN services, teaching video production, assisting members with non-linear editing, troubleshooting edit equipment, and producing public service announcements. Scott has raised the production standards of BNN with his excellent editing and shooting skills. He has also assisted with print promotions such as newsletters and flyers.

Due to Scott’s excellent production capabilities he was able to complete a number of PSAs, instructional videos, and community based programs for BNN. Such programs included the 10 part series “Sister Talk 2,” a program aimed at African American women to raise awareness of cardiovascular health. Scott assisted Barbara Barrow-Murray, BNN’s Roxbury Studio Manager, with editing the series. Scott also played a large role in helping to modernize the look of the channel, creating promotional spots, and helping to improve the channel’s graphics.

Impact Quote: 

Scott’s presence at BNN has greatly improved our ability to do projects we had wanted to undertake but didn’t have the resources to do. He has improved the look of the channels, which increases the value of BNN. His enthusiasm for teaching has allowed us to offer more digital media classes at low rates to members and others.”
- Wendy Blom, BNN Director of Education and Outreach

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