Marketing and Outreach

VISTA Name: 
Damita Chambers
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

My main objective has been to promote RTPnet and Triangle United Way’s activities to the public and potential supporters. In the first six months of service, I tried to promote and strengthen the activities of the two organizations. In the last six months, I tried to focus on increasing the sustainability of those projects.

Project Outcome: 

1. RTPnet
• Helped increase sponsorship for the RTPnet Conference to $2,500.
• Planned and executed RTPnet Conference for about 100 nonprofit and IT professionals.
• Promoted RTPnet, TechLinkUp and the RTPnet Conference at the N-TEN Nonprofit Technology Conference and the CTCnet Conference.
• Created a detailed how-to manual to plan next year’s conference.
• Helped shape discussion for 2006 conference in Winston-Salem or Greensboro area.
• Helped shape new RTPnet web site and Judy Hallman’s article for Community Technology Review.

2. Triangle United Way
• Helped plan and volunteered at Triangle United Way’s Agency Communications Committee workshop, “Getting Wired for Success.”
• Helped recruit speakers for the TUW workshop, including two speakers from the RTPnet Conference.
• Helped plan the events and agenda for TUW’s Internal Campaign and created the PowerPoint presentation for the Kick-Off event.
• Research grant opportunity and potential partners for an MLK Service Day sponsored by TUW.
• Volunteered for TUW’s Annual Meeting and Campaign Kick-Off event.

3. TechCoop and 501 Tech Club
• Planned and executed 501 Tech Club meeting with the most number of attendees.
• Increased membership on the club’s email list by promoting the 501 Tech Club to partners and contacts I’ve made through RTPnet.
• Planned a TechCoop to lead a discussion on a strategic plan for the future of 501 Tech Club meetings.

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