Media Justice Organizer

Media Literacy Project
VISTA Name: 
Leticia Miranda
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The Corps member will support Media Literacy Project’s media justice campaigns and public awareness efforts and ensure that the message and effort of the campaigns are connected and relevant to partners, members and constituents. The Corps member will also participate in all campaigns and will function as a liaison between MLP, campaign partners and will assist the Campaign Coordinator with implementing and revising as needed MLP’s campaign strategy, with conducting campaign evaluations, and with creating campaign curricula.

MLP’s campaigns for the 2010-2011 program year include the Prison Phones campaign, the Cell Phone Literacy campaign, and the continuation of their Universal Broadband and Network Neutrality campaign.

Project Outcome: 

In 2010 MLP wrote into our strategic plan the need to develop a strategic communications department for our organization. Leticia Miranda stepped in and helped us start that process. What has changed at MLP as a result of her activities includes: MLP’s website was being redesigned and Leticia provided helpful feedback during that process

–MLP has a lovely new website that we launched in January of 2011; MLP has always created monthly deconstructions and Leticia came up with the idea to do video deconstructions
–while we can’t do these every month, she created a process for when we do them 2 or 3 times a year; MLP’s newsletter was redesigned; MLP had an increased presence in the press as a result of the Op-Eds and press releases she wrote
–prior to her arrival we did not have press releases as often or of the same caliber; MLP’s reputation as a national player was elevated through the film Free the Air, which was an MLP response to a Verizon ad, directed by Leticia; we have a communications plan; we have new ideas and plans for our annual Girls Toolbox class and Girl Tech Collective as a result of her participation and insight; due to the success of MLP’s increased visibility we were contacted by a funder who offered to provide us monies for the next 2 years for a Strategic Communications Director. Leticia has worked with the new hire and the work will continue.

Impact Quote: 

Leticia not only accomplished the proposed project, she offered her skill set in other areas as needed. Challenges initially arose around the creation of a communications plan because MLP needed a new strategic plan for her to use. Once program goals were clarified, she was able to create the plan.

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