Neighborhood News Network Project Manager

Bay Area Video Coalition
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Anne Simmons
Program Start: 
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Project Description: 

BAVC developed the Neighborhood News Network Project in order to take advantage of the high-speed fiber optic network that connects the local public acces, educational, and government channels to nearly fifteen community sites throughout San Francisco. It has the capacity to support live video streaming and high resolution file transfer from any connected site. In the initial n3 pilot, BAVC will focus on three unique organizations and the constituencies they serve.

The Digital Arts Service Corps member would serve a central and defining role as Project Manager in building and launching the neighborhood news network project, with complete focus for one year on building, implementing, documenting, and evaluating the project, in a way that no current staff member could do without letting their essential duties drop. The Corps member wold be responsible for identifying San Francisco neighborhoods, organizations, and programs that could most benefit from the added capacity of tools and skills required to share relevant, timely, and hyper-local news and information with each other, to conduct research, outreach, documentation, and evaluation tasks, and subsequently to implement a pilot program in a successful, sustainable, and replicable way with guidance, input and participation from BAVC staff and our community partners.

Project Outcome: 

Because of the Corps member’s activities at our organization, we have developed relationships with three local community-based organizations, installed studio equipment at their sites, conducted training with staff and community members, and produced work that will continue to be distributed online and on our channels. Another major outcome of the Corps member’s work was further development of the “neighborhood news network” program model, and curriculum for the program that we can continue to use and adapt for other audiences.

Our service corps member accomplished everything we set out to do during the year. One of the main challenges that limited the scope of what she was able to accomplish was in outreach – namely, recruiting and sustaining the engagement of community producers in each of the workshops. With busy and differing schedules, and possibly because no fee was charged for participation in the workshops, some participants dropped out of the program or showed up inconsistently. This made teamwork and ongoing collaboration among the participants, and the pieces they were trying to produce, a constant challenge, particularly at one of the three sites. This resulted in fewer total participants trained, and fewer quality pieces completed without assistance, but it is also part of the reality of working with these populations. So the fact that we learned from this process still built capacity and understanding within our own organization and will impact our future partnership choices and program design.

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