Outreach Coordinator and Wireless Network Installation

VISTA Name: 
Ross Musselman
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Ross worked with CUWin developers and community members to implement CUWin software by setting up wireless access points. Ross also worked closely with the CUWiN core staff to build sustainability and growth with the project.

Project Outcome: 

Ross was required to wear many hats during his work with CUWin. On the technical and external side Ross work closely with CUWiN developers and local activists to implement CUWiN software in our domestic network sites—setting up wireless access points in areas that community members had identified as key sites. He helped install and troubleshoot network nodes in Champaign and Urbana and develop manuals and instructions in order to provide technical support to local residents and partners to help maintain the local wireless network. Internally, Ross worked closely with the CUWiN core staff to facilitate the growth of the CUWiN project. This showed itself in our growth and the development of our leadership and advisories boards and the partners we have developed.

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