Outreach & DIY Media Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Tiffany Otoya
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Raise the visibility and capacity of the DISKovery Center in Little Tokyo and to help launch DIY Media (Digital Institute for Youth Media) and other youth technology classes at the Angelina Apartments.

Project Outcome: 

Since arriving, Tiffany has worked to recruit new volunteers for the DISKovery Center and has created a Volunteer Packet, which we give to all potential volunteers. The packet includes information about DISKovery, a volunteer registration form, information about the Little Tokyo community, and a list of possible volunteer positions. Additionally, she has created several fliers for various DISKovery Center classes and events. When we launched DIY Media in February, Tiffany outreached to dozens of Los Angeles high schools, churches, and communities centers to find students for our class. She has also worked with her supervisor Gena Hamamoto and our other VISTA, Melissa Niiya, in developing a curriculum for our documentary filmmaking class. Tiffany is currently developing curriculum for a Digital Photography class and a Photoshop class which will be taught for youth at our Angelina Apartments in June/ July.

She greatly increased the visibility of our social media presence and recruited a committed volunteer who has developed an ongoing social media plan for us and will continue to maintain our pages once Tiffany leaves. She has also participated in the effort to revamp our Diskovery website. Both the website and social media plan will be critical to raising our visibility and bringing new populations of seniors and youth to our programs, and Tiffany was key to getting both of these processes off the ground.

One of our original objectives was for Tiffany to implement a volunteer-run public access program, where DISKovery members could use our computer lab at certain scheduled hours and volunteers would be available to assist them, if needed. However, we quickly realized that even though it would be volunteer run, we would still need staff members at DISKovery to watch over the lab and open/close it. We do not currently have enough staff members to do this, or to help train and guide our regular volunteers. Although we have had to reexamine this goal, we are still working on building a more sustainable public access and volunteer program.

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