Policy, Planning and Program Development

VISTA Name: 
Diego Barrera
Program Start: 
Project Description: 

The VISTA will work with the Community Technology Initiative to build community technology-related capacity across the South Florida region via policy, planning and program development.

- Update, maintain, and promote zip code searchable database mapping system for community technology access throughout the region
- Provide support for the development of the South Florida Regional Equitable Connection web portal and provide outreach to local agencies to expand access to a wide array of resources
- Provide technical assistance and support to existing and emerging community technology programs
- Organize and document findings for a series of focus group discussions targeting potential or current end-users of community technology programs
- Research sustainable best practices relevant to community technology in the South Florida region.
- Assist with policy-related research and field activities relevant to community technology issues in the region.
- Where feasible, provide assistance with other policy and program development related to the initiative’s plan of work through activities that develop capacity and consensus building

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