Program Development

VISTA Name: 
Matthew Frank
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Matt has been working on development both for the PREP Program of Bruce Wall Ministries and for TechMission, Inc.

Project Outcome: 

Matt has developed a database of hundreds of potential funding sources for BWM and TechMission. He has narrowed down that database to a list of the top 20 prospects. We have used that database and research to provide information on grant opportunities to hundreds of other CTC’s through our E-mail list. Matthew has developed template grants for both PREP and TechMission that follow the Associated Grantmakers format and other standard formats. We have made available some of these templates to hundreds of other CTC’s through our E-mail list and on our website to assist them in developing resources and grantwriting.

Matthew has also been working with us in our partnerships with organizations to help provide resources to CTC’s. Matthew has provided feedback to other CTC’s on their grant applications for free computers to the Beaumont Foundation. In addition, he has assisted in the review process with the Beaumont Foundation and the Connections for Tomorrow consortium.

Matt has also been involved in many of the strategy discussions for sustainability for TechMission Inc. He has assisted us in applying for an AmeriCorps state application and an AmeriCorps national application. In addition, he has worked with us to secure resources from the Boston Foundation and is assisting us in developing other resources. He has also assisted us in applying for the Department of Education CTC grant, which we were awarded.

We plan to hire Matthew to work for TechMission after completion of his VISTA year.

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