Program Development Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Marisol Guzman
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The Corps member will help develop a model for volunteer-led media clubs for low-income girls in the rural outlying areas near El Paso.

The Corps member would manage a pilot test of the volunteer-led module, provide trainings and technical support to volunteer club leaders, gather feedback from club leaders, revise club leader manuals and procedures, build on our curriculum to add advanced lessons for high school students, recruit new leadership team members, and build the infrastructure for our leadership team.

Project Outcome: 

Our VISTA member played an instrumental role in collaborating with our team in developing a curriculum guide for teen programs, recruiting and training a Girl Empowerment Team of program leaders and advisory board members, refining our club leader training program, and implementing a pilot test of volunteer-led clubs. As a result of her service, we now have new curriculum, a strong leadership committee, new volunteer recruits and updated volunteer procedures. Our VISTA Member has played a key role in helping us refine our volunteer structure, procedures and roles. Our VISTA Member helped develop and kick-off our Girl Empowerment Team to take on leadership roles to serve as a program advisory committee. The Girl Empowerment Team assists with the development of media curriculum for our media enrichment programs for girls and serve as leaders in training new volunteer Club Leaders. She has recruited and oriented new members for the Girl Empowerment Team. She developed a lesson plan template to provide a standardized format for all program curriculum development. She also created a guide for media curriculum development which serves as a tool for the entire team to create new curriculum aligned with our key program objectives in mind. In collaboration with our Girl Empowerment Team, our VISTA member has added to our existing curriculum of media enrichment lessons for middle school girls with new advanced lessons for high school students as well. The new activities build upon our existing lessons for middle school girls customized for a teen audience. These lessons are focused on teaching young Latinas in grades 9-12 about how they can use media as a tool for confidence building and creative self-expression. These lessons are bilingual and bi-cultural and focused on journalism writing, art, photography, audio production, film making, desktop publishing and web design. The Girl Empowerment Team will continue to play a key role in future improvements and advancements expansion for this initiative. Our VISTA Member also assisted our volunteer recruitment efforts by developing marketing strategies, creating volunteer promotional materials and advertising our volunteer opportunities. She has brought in numerous new volunteers to assist in various aspects of our organization. She has organzed volunteer information sessions and oriented new volunteers. She has recruited volunteers to take on leadership roles in our Girl Empowerment Team. She has also aided our efforts to recruit volunteers to serve as Club Leaders to lead our weekly media enrichment clubs. Thanks to her efforts, we have launched a pilot test of 8 after-school clubs led by our Volunteer Club Leaders. We recruited volunteer Club Leaders, hosted a training session, kicked off new clubs and hosted on-going training and provided technical support for the clubs. Our VISTA member was instrumental in guiding this process. Through our pilot group of volunteer Club Leaders, we are discovering areas for improvements and elaborating on our Volunteer Club Leader manual and training module. This pilot test helped us identify areas for future improvements and establishing the framework for future expansion. Thanks to the support of the Transmission Project and our VISTA member, we are continuing a series of volunteer-led media clubs for young Latinas and we are better prepared to expand the number of programs we offer in the near future using this volunteer model. Our VISTA Member has made tremendous strides in ensuring the sustainability of our project by cultivating a volunteer group that has taken on leadership roles in our Girl Empowerment Team to ensure the longevity of the project. The Latinitas team is prepared with the proper tools to streamline the training process, implement efficient and effective procedures, and properly equip future volunteers in taking on leadership roles. Our VISTA member has created tangible materials which will continue to be utilized as future resources. She has developed tools such as recruitment materials for our volunteers and updated training materials for our club leaders.

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