Radio Program Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Diana Boro
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Zumix isa non-profit serving the community with after-school programs, including instrumental and vocal music, songwriting, audio technology, audio editing, musical groups, other arts-related activities and a low-power radio station.

Our VISTA’s will be specifically radio-related. That person will assist in training volunteers for the radio, preparing youth to assume positions of responsibility at the station-including training new station volunteers themselves. He or she will also help to prepare technical infrastructure for the new firehouse facility that Zumix will move into during summer ‘07.

Project Outcome: 

There were many areas of Zumix Radio and Zumix in general to which Diana contributed. She helped prepare youth for radio work, including going on the air and journalism. She helped prepare Zumix journalists for pieces that have been posted on our blog: She helped develop underwriting material and other publicity material. She was a full participant in staff meetings and helped contribute to staff trainings and retreats. She assisted with Zumix events such as the Walk For Music. and with gathering information necessary for grantors.

Simply extrapolate from the above, as Diana was successful at all work undertaken. She became a valued member of the Zumix community, including learning how to play the bass and participating in Zumix recitals.

With regard to challenges faced, Diana initially had little radio experience and needed to acquire some quickly, which she did.

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