Radio Program Outreach

VISTA Name: 
Megan Donovan
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Zumix is a non-profit serving the community with after-school programs, including instrumental and vocal music, songwriting, audio technology, audio editing, musical groups, other arts-related activities and a low-power radio station.

The position will be specifically radio-related. This person will assist in training volunteers for the radio, preparing youth to assume positions of responsibility at the station. She or he will assist in raising the profile of the station in the community and facilitating a more intense relationship between the station and businesses, non-profits and other community members and organizations. She will also help to elevate the level of journalism being produced by our youth news staff.

Project Outcome: 

Megan was an important part of the training aspect of the station, both for on-air DJ’s and the journalism group. She participated fully in the classes and helped in preparation. She built relationships with the youth, helping them do the best possible jobs in their shows and working with them as they produced journalism for our blog. She was specifically in charge on a class on interviewing techniques. She also helped set up field trips and accompanied students on those trips. She helped make sure that assessments and evaluations properly conducted. She ran her own radio program, modeling the way radio should be done. This work was all conducted under the supervision of the station coordinator, Steve Provizer, who also worked with Megan to write and design underwriting materials which we are now using to connect with local East Boston businesses. She was often called upon to help publicize the work of the station and Zumix in general, by preparing publicity material and helping to organize mailings. Megan was a full participant in staff meetings and helped determine organizational policies.

As previously stated, we are extending Megan’s work on underwriting. The database work she did in the course of helping with publicity have served Zumix well. Also, she prepared documents with procedures, passwords, etc., that have helped make the transition to our new VISTA very smooth.

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