Research and Writing

VISTA Name: 
Howard Fisher
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Howie’s role is to evaluate the collaborative relationships between the Transmission Project, its Service Corps members, and its partner organizations. To this end, he delves into the Transmission Project’s past in order to build on our 10 year history of collaborative capacity building. With an eye to the Project’s future, he also conducts research on trends in the public media field.

Project Outcome: 

Howard has been an amazing resource to the Transmission Project during his year of service. Howard has enabled the Transmission Project to make sense of its 10 years of history, including: putting all of our 400+ projects online in a searchable database; collecting stories and statistics about the impact of our projects; identifying and describing best (and worst) practices in public media and technology. In this latter role, Howard has published numerous articles and whitepapers on diverse topics: social media, donor databases, fundraising, project management, and national service. In these tasks, Howard is an active agent in reaching out to interview fellow VISTAs, organizational partners and other leaders in the field; he has strengthened the Transmission Project’s relationship to other nonprofit and public media organizations.

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