Software Development and Technical Training

Pangea Foundation
VISTA Name: 
Corey Funderburk
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

AmeriCorps VISTA’s Corey Funderburk and Laura Hanley focused their work and efforts at Pangea Foundation on projects related to software development and technical training. Corey Funderburk specifically worked with the development staff at Pangea on the front-end design for new features and client-based applications.

Project Outcome: 

During their year long term, Corey and Laura completed tasks and mini-projects related to 5 of Pangea Foundation’s web-based applications. One of which is the national launching of a mentoring system for organizations that serve youth with disabilities. This system has been used by our organization for several years, and has been recognized by other organizations as a model system that could help expand mentoring programs, and create a network of mentoring programs to better track results. Our VISTA’s designed prototypes for facilitating a national partnership with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, a Boston-based national mentoring organizations. This partnership has now been formalized, and the pilot for our national launch is beginning in April. Among other pilot participants, Disabled Sports USA will be a pilot organization, which is a non-profit with 90 chapters across the nation.

They also led 2 special projects focused financial counseling for families affected by the Katrina Disaster and Education accountability with the San Diego City School District.

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