Software Engineer

VISTA Name: 
April Carvalho
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

1) Find, create, install, configure and maintain server based software.
2) Find, create and maintain server based documentation.
3) Test, code and document in support of open source projects.
4) Learn and teach software engineering and system administration.
5) Become familiar with the goals and needs of the organizations we serve.
6) Guide other workers (as needed)

Project Outcome: 

I’ve run two more sessions of the “Intro to Web Forms” curriculum, which has been a success with the LCTC community. The only barrier to our success has been the lack of publicity in the course, which we are hoping to improve in future runnings. The advantage of having a set, web based curriculum is that another member can pick up this course and teach it without having to recreate the course from scratch.

After starting work on the UTEC project in the second quarter, our first web database application rolled out on April 16, 2003. This was a great opportunity to work with a Non profit that help us iron out our software development process and be enthusiastic with our end product. Since then we have made several major changes, including recreating the user interface to a more malleable design and adding functionality as the user requests.

Fellow Vista David Siegal and I have been working on this project as a team effort.

Recently I have been working on system administration tasks. One example is making our lab more available to volunteers, by ensuring that all workstations have the proper software. Once finished, our website designers can come in whenever they need to and use the latest software that we can provide them.

Transmission Project