Video Production Training and Technical Support

VISTA Name: 
Laura Craig
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Trainer/Technician Workplan

Within One week of employment:
- fill out all necessary forms with the Community Media Center human resources department.

- familiarize herself with the employee manual and the responsibilities of her job

- tour and become familiar with the MoLLIE workspace(s)

- be introduced to MoLLIE and CMC staff.

- familiarize herself with the mission, policies, routines, and schedule of the MoLLIE program

Within One month of employment:
- become proficient operating digital video equipment and accessories

- become proficient with the i-movie editing program

- begin field work with clients - schools and NPOs

Within Two months of employment
- understand and accept the responsibilities as team captain

- provide proficiency training for new hires

Project Outcome: 

Laura’s year with the Mobile Learning Lab for Information Education (MoLLIE) was characterized by a continued maturing of the of the project, both in its partnerships with area schools and its facility with linking MoLLIE efforts to the area mandated curriculum. Relationships that were begun with area teachers in our first two years of operation continued and thrived. Those teachers that utilized MoLLIe in the first year actively promoted the MoLLIE project to their colleagues leading in turn, to an expanded clientele of teachers in a broader selection of schools.

Further relationships developed that Laura was crucial to: In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice “Project Safe Neighborhoods” (PSN) program, Laura facilitated the efforts of local youths at neighborhood associations and community centers in writing, shooting, performing, and editing their own Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on the subject of gun violence prevention. Another partnership that developed this year in which Laura played a key role was a six month project with Wedgwood Christian Services of West Michigan. Similar to PSN, the Wedgwood project involved providing at-risk teens with the tools, training, and means of transmission to create their own mini documentaries and PSAs focusing on substance abuse prevention. Laura demonstrated a particular facility in getting young women to open up and tell their personal stories in a manner that they might not with male trainer/technicians.

Laura’s final, and perhaps most lasting project, done in conjunction with VISTA volunteer Nate Diedrich, has been the production of an eight-episode instructional module series on the MoLLIE method of video production.

Laura Craig went on to work full-time at Portland Community Media in Portland, Oregon, where she supervised the work of Digital Arts Corps Member Nickey Robare.

Impact Quote: 

Laura performed superbly in all aspects of her job with MoLLIE. I am particularly pleased that she is being considered for employment as the project manager of a new MoLLIE-like project in the Pacific Northwest. The VISTA program should be very proud to have Laura Craig-Bennett as an alumna just as we are proud to have had her as an employee and team mate.

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