Volunteer Coordinator

VISTA Name: 
Krissy Sinor
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Goal 1: Development of a volunteer training program. Recruit and coordinate volunteers for the facility.
Goal 2: Organize participant database for generating project reports. Select and interview participants for follow-up surveys and to gather sustainability statistics for further grant prospects.
Goal 3: Format and post complete course instruction and handouts for basic courses to the EDGE web page to provide reinforcement and practice materials for EDGE participants.

Project Outcome: 

During her year of service, VISTA member Krissy Sinor has enabled the Edge CTC at the Springfield-Greene County Library to build a successful technology program for both youth and adults. The curriculum has continued to evolve and now includes nearly 100 different classes. The 3,900 participants during this time have been pleased with opportunities to attend training classes and programs that teach technology and information retrieval skills based upon their particular needs, interests, and skill level.

Krissy has developed a core of reliable volunteers for the EDGE. She also helped coordinate federal work study students from a local community college, CIS and CASL students working on collaborative projects, and workers/trainers from the American Association of Retired Persons Employment training program.

Krissy has done an excellent job overseeing the maintenance of the participant database and class evaluation database. She set up procedures to train volunteers to perform data entry and helped produce written procedures for ongoing reports. She also coordinated a project that allowed local university Service Learning students to perform telephone follow-up surveys for previous EDGE participants. This information will be included in future grant proposals.

The EDGE decided against a major effort to post course instruction and handouts for basic courses to the EDGE web page. Instead, Krissy helped with the creation and fine-tuning of written handouts that supported all EDGE classes. She also trained volunteers and work-study students to help with the creation, editing, and duplication process.

Impact Quote: 

The EDGE database, containing demographic and statistical information on nearly 1400 participants will prove very valuable during future grant writing and fund raising efforts. The maintenance procedures created by Krissy will insure accurate input of future records.

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