Volunteer Outreach and Program Development

VISTA Name: 
Craig Brown
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Goal 1. Recruit volunteers and establish an efficient volunteer system and training program.

Craig contacted various community organizations to recruit volunteers. He also succeeded in getting The EDGE approved as an off-site location with three new Universities for their Federal Work Study Programs. He submitted information to local organizations’ publications to recruit new volunteers and presented fliers at several organizations’ member meetings.

Craig helped recruit and train four regular volunteer instructors and five regular volunteer class assistants. Thirty-one classes were taught by volunteers. The EDGE has had in excess of 2700 hours of help from all volunteers.

During Craig’s year we revised, updated, and standardized curricula and handouts for all classes and made all handouts available on The EDGE website. (http://thelibrary.springfield.missouri.org/edge/techguides.cfm) Craig organized the new class schedule and worked with the volunteers on a training schedule and class instructor guidelines. (http://edge.sgcl.org).

Goal 2. Oversee trained volunteers in the maintenance of the participant and evaluation database, in the collection of follow-up surveys, and in the preparation and support of project courses and projects.

Craig assisted in modifying The EDGE database and implemented a detailed analysis reporting system to the Director for each class conducted including evaluation of attendance trends in core classes and tutorial topic use. He developed standard evaluations for each class and methods to better access the patrons’ response to curriculum and specific instructor impact.

Work-study students were trained to assist with receptionist duties, clerical support, and database data entry for registration, class participation and evaluations.

The EDGE has utilized several employees from the AARP Senior Community Service Employment program. Craig supervised and trained AARP employees working in various areas such as receptionist duties, clerical support, monitoring tutorial sessions, and data entry.

Craig oversaw the expansion of the self-help tutorial programs to include additional daytime sessions by opening of and securing staffing for a second room dedicated to tutorial sessions during these expanded sessions. 719 tutorial sessions were offered in the tutorial room.

Goal 3. Participate in grant writing and other forms of fundraising, develop media partners, and increase publicity to help ensure the success and sustainability of The EDGE.

Craig submitted articles for newsletters, created flyers for distribution at organizational meetings, and coordinated inclusion of our schedules and tutorial brochures at the Missouri Career Center.

He assisted in the development of numerous grant proposals, although no grants were awarded during his year of service.

Craig developed a comprehensive “Corporate” package that was presented to the Executive Director and the Library Board for consideration in the yearly budget process. Craig assisted in a developmental presentation made to the Library’s Board of Directors at a meeting held at The EDGE Community Technology Center.

Craig attended the “Business and Technology Expo” held in Springfield in October. It is the largest expo of its kind in southern Missouri. He was able to network with many local businesses and make initial contact for future development. All contact information received there has been submitted to the Project Director.

Project Outcome: 

During the past year with Craig as a VISTA, we increased our attendance at the EDGE facility. Attendance at all classes and activities for the year was 3693.

Craig was responsible for insuring that The EDGE Community Technology Center continued to provide a much needed service to the community during his year of service as a VISTA member. He stepped forward to assist in instruction when needed and took the “Library Express” out for classes and special projects. He built a valuable pool of trained volunteers that will continue to serve. Craig stepped up in any situation to lend a hand or his expertise to solve a problem or enhance an opportunity. He worked well in supplying needed support and proposals to the Executive office and Board as warranted. The VISTA program has proven vital to The EDGE’s continued growth and success.

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