Website and Social Media Development

VISTA Name: 
Sharon Small
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

VISTA would have to analyze the current use of volunteers, interns and staff and create documentation that describes what Zumix will need to move into its new, larger space at the firehouse. VISTA will explore local businesses and non-profits and create relationships that will benefit the radio station, either by bringing in underwriting or creating new opportunities for program content. VISTA may be be asked to help in various fundraising efforts, like the Walk for Music and help develop a fee-for-service plan. He or she may be asked to help design, administer and collate program evaluations or be involved in other organizational outreach and development. VISTA will create documentation so that youth, in conjunction with Zumix staff, will be able to continue work that has begun.

Goal 1: Solicit 5 underwriters for Zumix Radio
Goal 2: Create a plan for the mainstreaming of Interns and volunteers at the Firehuose.

Project Outcome: 

Sharon was responsible for expanding our use of social media and for upgrading the website. She assisted with the implementation of radio schedules and class curriculum. She was part of the team that coordinated live broadcasts and ran her own radio show.

Our ability to use social media in basically now in place, as is the process for website updating. The radio curriculum has been further refined.

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