Website and Social Media Development

VISTA Name: 
Colleen Beach
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Colleen Beach was responsible for a variety of Web2.0 efforts including work on CMC web efforts including,, and CMC Facebook and Twitter pages. Colleen also organized efforts to create an online contact database and e-newsletter for CMC. Our VISTA member came to the project with extensive knowledge of Web2.0, and did considerable research and self-training in areas where she needed additional expertise.

The VISTA will research and develop the following internal systems:
- build the capacity of the CMC Sacramento office to communicate/collaborate with the CMC Fresno office and implement CMC programs in Sacramento community.
- Create hiring and training materials for new staff
- Create standardized premiere planning materials
- Create standardized systems for management training and staff supervision at the regional office level
- Create standardized instructor training workshops
- Create standardized electronic communication systems between offices
- Create standardized staff trainings and guidelines for working with youth
- Create material supplementing the California Voices training manual, focusing on higher-level filmmaking techniques
- Create standardized film distribution resource lists, including social media avenues, film festivals, and community radio/TV avenues

Project Outcome: 

In her first year of service with CMC, Colleen has been extremely important to our organization and has spent the past year on a variety of projects that help us to better communicate and collaborate internally and externally. She made upgrades to our website and she also upgraded to a newer version of Joomla. She designed and implemented a new contact database, created a social media strategy (includes facebook, twitter, and more), and researched a number of open source software solutions for our organization.

She will continue to work out of our Sacramento office to increase the capacity of our organization to communicate, collaborate, and share best practices between our two regional offices.

In her second year, Colleen has created a curriculum for our youth jobs program that allows for great consistency between Sacramento and Fresno regions as well as opportunity for collaboration. She has also been instrumental in helping our office create a marketing consultant team for our Youth Empowerment Studio and assisted in their meetings. She has also been running our social media campaigns, is working on a business plan for our Youth Empowerment Studio, helping with grant writing, and stage managed our youth film premiere in June. However, Colleen was unable to fully finish the YES curriculum due to changes in the program.

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