Website and Youth Curriculum Building

VISTA Name: 
Jessica McCoy
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Jessica McCoy focused on creating opportunities for people from underserved communities to access and become active users of multimedia technology. She was brought into Center for Digital Storytelling to support a number of projects that focus on those goals. The two major employment objectives were to support the site CDS organized together with MassImpact in Boston, and to make our curriculum more youth friendly. Her other responsibilities included learning the digital storytelling methodology to support workshops in underserved communities.

Project Outcome: 

The first objective, developing the Stories for Change Website was greatly successful in helping distribute digital storytelling videos and curriculum to trainers and participants. The website is now currently live and growing, with many resources collected and uploaded by Jessica, in addition to coordinating a large number of trainers that, until now, were unorganized. In regard to the second objective, making the curriculum more youth friendly, Jessica stepped in a gathered the needed resources to successfully complete the project. She drew on her own experience working with youth. She also brought CDS staff with additional youth and curriculum development experience into ongoing planning meetings.

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