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VISTA Name: 
Adam Howell
Program Start: 
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Project Description: 

a. Increase the number of recycled computers available to low-income families and individuals with an emphasis on kids and adults with disabilities.
b. Provide full time, on-call computer technology support to non-profit CBPIN (Columbia Basin Public Information Network) members.
c. Develop hardware and software programs that directly support the RECA Foundation’s mission.

Project Outcome: 

• Only a few computers were recycled to low-income families and individuals because that effort was given a low priority until early 2003.

• Adam assisted in the detailed technology assessment of the ARC of the Tri-Cities facility. This involved assessment of a network of about 20 computers and subsequent repair/upgrades. He also helped sort and refurbish about 30 donated computers, making them ready for eventual home placement.

• Adam wrote, edited and revised a grant request to Verizon for a portable teaching computer lab. Verizon responded with $9,000 in funding. The portable lab (4 laptop computers, network, and SVGA projector) is now operational. Additionally, the RECA Foundation is now a Verizon e-partner and has started providing technology classes to non-profit agencies in the area.

• Adam wrote, edited and revised a $20,000 “Progressive Technology” grant application to America Connects Consortium. This project will provide for the development of a standard Linux based computer that can be replicated by other CTCNet members all over the U.S.

• Adam’s major focus was on completely redesigning the CBPIN.ORG web site ( Most of the development work was completed. The work needs to be finalized and a new CBPIN server put in place.

Impact Quote: 

Adam came to us proclaiming himself as “low-maintenance”. He was. He was independent, self-starting, and worked well with everyone involved with our projects and programs.

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