Youth Digital Media Training

Boston Neighborhood Network
VISTA Name: 
Derek Hixon
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

During his year-long VISTA assignment, Derek Hixon devoted most of his time to working on multimedia training for youth, media production and nonlinear editing assistance for producers, which has helped the Center move forward with the mission to provide Boston area residents of all ages with quality training and access to digital communications.

Project Outcome: 

Derek has played a principal role in the planning and facilitation of the DigitalArt Youth Program, particularly in regard to working with youth ages 10-18. He developed and implemented multimedia activities for participants, including extra-curricular activities such as field trips and showcases around the city. At the same time he has produced several multimedia projects that have been used to educate people about the benefits of joining BNN. Also, he assists in helping BNN members produce digital video programs for the channels.

He created a web site for the BNN DigitalArt Youth Program and played a major role in updating and maintaining it: He also takes the lead in regard to developing content for programs at the BNN Multimedia Center, including digital video production for PSAs and multimedia presentations that are seen by BNN members and Boston public access TV viewers.

In addition to his major project activities, Derek has been more than willing to attend and participate in several center-related training sessions for community media and technology centers in the northeast region as well presenting at youth fairs and conferences. Near the end of his assignment, Derek contributed to the monthly First Tuesday TV/Web program produced by the Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative and he continued to work with CBC and BNN for several months after his assignment ended.

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