Boston Adult Literacy Resource Institute

Boston, MA

The Adult Literacy Resource Institute (ALRI) is a program and staff development center for adult literacy / basic education and English for speakers of other languages programs in the Greater Boston area.

We are part of the Graduate College of Education at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education, and the Mayor’s Office of Jobs and Community Services in Boston, it is one of five regional support centers of the Massachusetts System for Adult Basic Education Support, SABES.

Supported Projects

CTC Assistance

Larry Syms

Our long-range goals are to enable a significant number of adult learners to feel comfortable and skilled in using computers and to learn where they can purchase low-cost (recycled or new) computers for family use.

VISTA members will perform the following taks:

- Enabling adult students to feel comfortable and skilled in finding useful information on the web;

- Assisting in learning projects such as helping adult learners to word process and desktop publish school newspapers and student magazines;

- With small groups of adult students designing and making web-based Virtual Visits of workplaces and community organizations of interest to adult learners and their families;

- Providing access to online and CD-ROM-based adult instruction in English language and other basic skills learning

- Adding to the Boston E-Square web pages

Transmission Project