Carlos Rosario International Career Center

Washington, DC

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School offers an array of classes integrated within award-winning adult education programs which are considered models at the national and international level.

Courses are taught by a distinguished faculty which includes forty-two educators with advanced degrees and educational training. Class options range from the basic English Literacy and life skills necessary for successful introduction to American life, to Career Level English and Professional Certificate Courses in Technology and Culinary Arts. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate differing students’ work and family schedules.

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School was the first Charter awarded for adult education in the nation and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools.

A nationally recognized, accredited and award-winning model in the field of adult education, the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School has been successfully training and mainstreaming the diverse workforce of our nation’s capital since 1970. Guided by the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Sonia Gutierrez, a highly qualified and dedicated team of staff and faculty provide top tier educational programs and comprehensive supportive services.

Supported Projects

Fundraising and IT Support

Mark Betz

The AmeriCorps*VISTA will research and develop prospective sources of funding and new programs and analyzing industry trends. The project will also enlist volunteer support for direct service through teaching a technology program, increasing the use of technology in our ESL program, and providing technical support and tutoring assistance.

Mark was able to implement an open computer lab at the school that provides basic to advanced technology to help students. With regular lab hours he is able to make himself available on a consistent basis for the entire student body. Mark also helps teachers with class projects that include working with students on particular software programs or internet research, etc. Responding to staff IT needs, Mark is able to work on a one-on-one basis providing training and helping staff identify ways in which technology can make their work more efficient.

Mark has also been working with the Family Literacy program, an off-site program where we provide literacy classes to parents in partnering elementary schools.

Mark has also been instrumental in integrating the community wide technology workshops offered during our Community Days. Community Days take place on periodic Saturdays and are open to the community at large, especially the immediate neighborhood. They offer a variety of educational workshops and social services. During Community Day, Mark was able to hold an open computer lab with activities designed for children, as many of the Community Day activities were family oriented.

Workforce Development Coordinator

Elizabeth Chesler

Our VISTA volunteer, Elizabeth Chesler, has undertaken the role of Workforce Development Coordinator. In that capacity Elizabeth has been invaluable in identifying resources, providing planning and coordination for IT related projects, and helping with capacity building by researching and applying for grants and in-kind assistance. One of the main and most important projects Elizabeth is working on is a Microsoft data management project for which she is serving as an in-house and affiliate liaison and testing a prototype. Another project in which Ms. Chesler has become indispensable is the school bookstore, which under her leadership recently had its grand opening. The bookstore, which sells textbooks, dictionaries, and other study related products as well as school support items such as t-shirts and hats, is a much-needed resource which also generates unrestricted income. This project is helping to support the Workforce Development programs, including the IT programs.

Elizabeth’s contribution to the Carlos Rosario School in coordinating the Microsoft data software is a prime example of a VISTA volunteer getting things done in the community. The software will make a great impact on the efficiency of the school and will help it to better serve thousands of students. The finished product will also be utilized by countless organizations which serve communities all over the United States.

Another example is opening the student bookstore. In her role managing the bookstore, Elizabeth interacts daily with many of the hundreds of students who attend the school. She has been the driving force behind a resource which allows students to quickly and easily access supplies essential to their learning. Prior to the opening of the in-house bookstore, students were only able to purchase textbooks during limited on-site visits from the supplier, or had to make a special trip to an off-site store. Many students have limited transportation options, and the availability of on-site resources makes a huge impact in the school community. The bookstore, which held its grand opening last week, has already generated approximately $1500 in net proceeds for the school.

Transmission Project