Computer C.O.R.E.

Alexandria, VA

Most jobs now require some degree of proficiency in computer skills. A significant percentage of low-income adults do not have these skills that are prerequisites for gaining more meaningful employment, and Northern Virginia’s businesses need more skilled workers. Computer C.O.R.E.’s training program addresses these needs by providing training in computer skills, personal development, and job search strategies.

CORE’s Mission is to help low-income adults acquire the technological and life skills they need to pursue their career aspirations.

CORE’s Vision is a world where all people shall have the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams, reach their full potential, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Supported Projects

Student Tracking Database Implementation

Carl Seifert

Our VISTA, Carl Seifert, was brought in to help us implement a student tracking system. This system will be extremely beneficial to the organization as a whole. In particular, it will be used by the staff to plan, organize and better track each student and graduate (not to mention reducing paper files). It also will be beneficial for reporting Computer CORE’s successes to funding organizations because the data from our graduates will help us to measure the impact of CORE in the in the lives of our graduates and the surrounding community.

Carl has completed the customization and implementation of the database (CORE Connections) ahead of schedule. He has provided tutorials on functionality and usability for staff and relevant volunteers; currently he is in the process of creating documentation for future volunteers, staff members and administrators of the database. Carl oversaw entry of relevant data into the system. Also, he has implemented the process for surveying graduates in the future. Carl’s customization and implementation of the database could not have been done by other staff members due to their heavy workloads. With CORE Connections now in place, the staff and volunteers can look forward to easier information gathering. Additionally, the organization will certainly benefit from the ability to more accurately report on the successes of our students after graduation. CORE will be in a better position sustain itself through grant funding.

Transmission Project