Human Services Coalition of Dade County

Miami, FL

Human Services Coalition (HSC) supports individuals, organizations and communities to create a more just, equitable and caring society.

Promote Health & Wealth: The Prosperity Campaign

We link residents in need of economic stability with the financial services and healthcare programs that can help. Our network of Prosperity Centers offers services including free tax preparation, economic benefits counseling, homeownership counseling, financial coaching and more.

We also help operate a farmers market in Overtown that accepts food stamps and doubles the value of purchases made with food stamps.

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Develop Leadership: Civic Life Academy

We develop leaders with the attitude, focus and skills necessary to create the change our communities need. Programs in our Civic Life Academy include:

Parent Leadership Training Institute
Advocacy Corps Training
Public Allies
Neighborhood Leadership Program
Storytelling Initiative
Connect & Inspire: Imagine Miami

HSC does social networking with a twist – we call it “civic networking.” We connect South Florida residents across sector, background and area of interest, helping them find new opportunities for collaboration. Imagine Miami Changemaker Conferences, held twice a year, are powerful gatherings of nearly 200 people who learn skills for change, deepen their understanding of issues, discover examples of innovative “change-making” at the local level, and make new and inspiring connections. Learn more.

Advocate for Better Communities

HSC is involved in building the Penny Wise movement, a campaign against cuts to social services in Miami-Dade County.

Build Strong Organizations: Catalyst Miami

HSC’s new capacity building center will assist social enterprises to launch, grow, collaborate and increase community impact. HSC supports groups by sharing administrative services; fiscal sponsorship; advocacy training; communications strategies; business practices; leadership development; and networks.

Supported Projects

CTC Outreach and Support

Chaneqa Wooten

Develop infrastructure, policy and planning, program development and service
delivery capacity with regards to digital divide initiatives in Miami-Dade County,

The mission of e-Equality, Inc. is to develop and promote initiatives and programs which bridge the digital divide and reduce the technological inequities experienced by low-income and disadvantaged citizens and small business in economically distressed neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County. By working hand-in-hand with our current Americorps*VISTA member(s), e-Equality has made significant strides toward the fulfillment of addressing the evident digital divide in South Florida. By assisting in the development and evolution of the Technology Access Coalition (TAC) and conducting a needs assessment of existing CTCs in Miami-Dade County as well as researching and evaluating CTC training materials, Americorps*VISTA member Chaneqa Wooten has been exposed to a variety of research practices.

Working with TAC, a target list of CTCs has been established for the initial needs assessment survey. A finalized version of this survey has also been completed. The targeted list of CTCs will be broken up amongst TAC members and survey results will be compiled in an Excel or Access database by Ms. Wooten. Following the completion of such said deliverables, Ms. Wooten [will] work with e-Equality’s web-development team toward the integration of this data into the CTCNet and TAC websites in addition to all other set-out goals.

Ms. Wooten has done a phenomenal job in successfully accomplishing many of the initial goals that were established and gone on to expand upon her current role. By compiling a comprehensive listing of organizations and companies which offer free software and services for non-profit organizations, preliminary expectations were surpassed. Although nearly 50% complete with this research, the accumulated data has already proved to be beneficial to the Technology Access Coalition.

Transmission Project