Kids Computer Workshop

Washington, DC

Teaching inner-city kids computer skills in DC is the goal of the Kids Computer Workshop. The program is designed to build computer literacy while developing basic reading, writing and math skills.

Supported Projects

Program and Curriculum Development

Benedict Tisa

Objective 1: Develop a series of activities cards for computer learning
a. Identify 15 topics and start to develop content, along with instructional materials.
b. Develop 40 individual cards or lessons
c. Pilot test material on program that will train 20 tutors.
d. Modify based on experience during implementation.

Objective 2: Develop resources section for the KCW (Kids’ Computer Workshop) website
a. Develop resources that can be used by students, tutors and parents.
b. Maintain and update resource section.
c. Identify person to maintain and update the resource section of the web site as needed.

Objective 3: Develop and implement classes for seniors
a. Develop and implement course materials based on feedback from two focus groups.
b. Develop a series of five short courses geared to the needs of 20 seniors’ from the Shaw/Columbia Heights community.
c. Identify two volunteers to continue working with senior outreach.

Objective 4: Develop and implement community outreach activities in the Columbia Height-Shaw area of the District of Columbia
a. Identify at lease two potential partners to strengthen and increase programs’ capacity.
b. Working with other CTC in the Columbia Height/Shaw area, develop outreach programs in the community.

Objective 1
This has been accomplished and has developed into a Resource for Educators section of the KCW web page. Educational topics were identified and the materials developed in both digital and print form when appropriate.

Objective 2
Resources have been developed for the following topics: Resources for Educators that covers KCW specific materials as well as a resource to other information and organization useful to teachers and students in the KCW program as well as resources for adult class that offered at the YMCA by KCW.

Objective 3
These classes have been held each Thursday; the enrolment had to be limited to 15 participants due to space requirements. Courses and class materials were developed that not only impart computer skills but also are focused on activities and resources that empower seniors to take part in community, governmental, social and health activities.

Objective 4
Two additional partners have been identified and are in the process of implementing or developing activities with KCW.

Transmission Project