La Casa Hogar/Yakima Interfaith Coalition

Yakima, WA

Working together as an expression of faith, our home nurtures strong communities…one person at a time.

Our Vision:

Creating places of welcome and hospitality for all persons;
Providing emergency services when other sources fail or are not available;
Offering educational and learning opportunities for women and children;
Providing settings where barriers between people may be broken down;
Working toward the social and spiritual reconciliation and transformation of the whole community

La Casa Hogar is a center for women and children. The center houses a variety of programs essential to the successful transition of new immigrants to life in the Yakima Valley.

Our programs and service empower Hispanic women and children through education. And extending the caring hand of the community in serving anyone in need of emergency service.

Supported Projects

Mentor and CTC Support

Amanda Lasik

Our vista member’s accomplishments can be thought of as serving four broad categories, the Community Technology Center (CTC) program, mentoring support for staff and students, sustainability & organizational capacity building, and personal development. Her work in the CTC involved development of curriculum and outcomes for our computer literacy education program and increasing the use of the CTC as an independent learning center. She also assisted with teaching classes and individual learning projects.

As a mentor she supported and empowered our staff, all former program participants, through building their computer skills, and supporting their growth in organizational leadership. Through modeling, working with recruiting and cultivating volunteers, she mobilized and supported student involvement in a variety of activities.

As a result of her work with issues related to sustainability and donor cultivation we were able to consistently produce and distribute our newsletter and double the revenues generated from our annual event. We were able to add a new cultivation event “Lunch on Us” which has resulted in 120 new prospects/donors for our organization. She also organized and laid a system for grant development accumulating appropriate materials which contributed to the efficiency of grant development.

Amanda increased her Spanish language skills and through our leadership development program began to identify and address her own leadership strength and weaknesses.

Amanda Lasik is a remarkable addition to our staff serving as a VISTA member.  Her ability to perceive the need and remain flexible is very helpful in our situation.  She also has adapted well to our organizational culture providing mentoring and leadership for those we serve. It is a pleasure to work with this bright and talented woman. 

Transmission Project