National Black Programming Consortium

New York, NY

The National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) is dedicated to developing black digital authorship, and distributing unique stories of the black experience in the new media age through enlightening digital content and community engagement.

NBPC is a national nonprofit with a 30-year track record of increasing capacity in minority communities by funding programming about the Black experience and issues for public television; mentoring emerging producers; and providing professional development training opportunities. With the emergence of the Internet as a viable method of broadcast and distribution, NBPC created the New Media Institute (NMI) in 2006 to train a new generation of makers to produce content across digital platforms. Two major initiatives grew out of NMI collaborations –, a citizen journalism web portal and training program, and the Public Media Corps, a national service supporting creative, sustainable and community-initiated methods for addressing the broadband divide in communities of color. Both projects extend NBPC’s impact beyond broadcasters to a new generation of community-based media makers, concerned with creating relevant content that will impact the well being of their communities.

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