Newland Media Ed Center

Malden, MA

A community technology center with an after-school program and summer camp. A big part of their summer camp involves computers and digital art.

Supported Projects

CTC Youth Engagement

Russell Klein

Goal 1: Reduce the alienation of teens/youth, aged 13-20, living in the developments and engage them in Center activities.

Goal 2: Public and private support.

Russell has worked directly with two technology workshops; one for younger children and one for the targeted youth aged 13-20 (7 participants). In the latter, he was directly involved in the recruitment effort and in both programs worked closely with the instructors to enhance their effectiveness.

Russell set up a digital video workstation (donated via MATV) and taught himself the iMovie software, working directly with the youth on the video they produced. He has taught himself a web design program (TrellixWeb) and has been teaching youth in the Center on an ongoing basis. We plan to continue the video course with the first group as well as offer the program to other youth.

Russell has engaged with youth in the target population to determine their goals, desires, issues, etc. to aid in planning for future programs. His approachability makes him very accessible to any age group, which has enhanced his ability to engage and retain the interest of a small core in the target age group (youth aged 13-20). While that core remains small (7-15), it is a large step for this organization. We also have a number of youth who are just approaching the target age group, and they are already engaged in activities at the Center, including those that Russell has initiated. We are confident that, rather than lose them as has happened in the past, we will retain them in our programs.

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