Operation P.E.A.C.E. Boston

Boston, MA

We provide free education programs to empower low income families with at-risk youths, unemployed residents, new English speakers, and senior citizens living in Boston’s culturally diverse Fenway community.

The Fenway community is both vibrant and diverse. We empower Fenway residents to become self-sufficient by developing literacy, vocational, and social skills as responsible adults. Our youth programs focus on building study skills, computer training, mentoring, and leadership development. We offer arts, technology, and education programs that help youth develop social skills, improve academic achievement, and learn the importance of teamwork and community contribution. We also offer ESL classes for linguistically-diverse adults and provide enrichment programs for senior citizens so they remain a vital part of our community.

Community Open Access
Our state-of-the-art media center offers Community Open Access hours with a qualified instructor to teach computer training and skill development for our culturally diverse community. Whether it’s children researching the Internet for their homework, Russian and Spanish speakers using computer programs to improve their English skills, unemployed parents learning to email their resumes to prospective employers, or senior citizens getting email accounts for the first time, our Open Access hours offer something for everyone.

Supported Projects

CTC Program Building

Colette Mahoney

Goals include rolling out a computer skills training program, designing a plan to utilize computers to improve the literacy of students attending our after school program, doing the same with an English as a second language program, and working on community outreach partnership building to raise awareness of our programs so as to attract community and corporate support.

Transmission Project