Project: Think Different / Amplifyme

Boston, MA

Amplifyme is a nonprofit organization that engages people in positive change through the use of media arts. We use pop culture to inspire people to think differently about their power to create change in their lives and the lives of others through civic engagement.

Amplifyme programs provide opportunities for engagement in positive change through the media arts. Our programs focus in four key areas—Media, Music, Video and the Electronic Community. More and more, these methods of communication influence people, both young and old. Unfortunately, not all of these messages are positive. amplifyme’s programs empower participants to create positive messages to reach a broad audience to foster civic engagement.

These programs begin with youth involvement, but are also appropriate for individuals further along in their professional development and who want to participate as a vehicle for change in the media.

- youth media institute Empowers young people with the tools and resources to become future leaders in the media industry.

- empowerment music program Works with musicians to produce socially empowering commercially viable music messages.

- movement pictures video program Works with video artists to create and amplify socially responsible video messages in film and television.

- electronic community media program Serves as an online hub for all of amplifyme’s signature programs, as well as an interactive site for socially responsible music, video, and online community building.

Supported Projects

Online Community Manager

Dina Vecchiarelli

The Youth Media Institute and Electronic Community have had a very succesful six months, in no small part thanks to our two VISTAs, Colleen and Dina. Dina’s technical expertise was critical in determining what type of content management system to use in creating the beta site for Project: Think Different’s Electronic Community. In addition to driving the design of the site and the management of the forums and other features, Dina was active in training other staff members, including the Media Watch Team in using the site, so that they could share their expertise with other users and actively participate in the online community.

Media Watch Team Social Media Development

Colleen Kelly

- Develop fund raising campaigns
- Develop personalized blogs for Media Watch Team members and citizen journalists
- Assist in the training Media Watch Team members and other staff in absic digital media authoring, such as video blogging
- Create a packaged curriculum for train-the-trainer workshops for digital media creation and facilitate the actual workshops
- Implement a membership system for online resources
- develop relationships with community leaders and organizations for building a strong youth media network in Boston

Organized web resource area and assisted in the production of outreach and PR materials.

Transmission Project