Recruitment Resources Consulting

Lowell, MA

The RRCTC (Recruitment Resources Community Technology Center) is a multi-service computer educational program administered by Recruitment Resources Consulting. The Center is located at the Flanagan Center, a neighborhood tenant facility through the Lowell Housing Authority. The RRCTC focuses on functional computer skills designed to enhance employment and educational pursuits. We currently offer a five-days per week after-school program that works with kids ages 7-17 on computer skills that will enhance their educational experience. The program works in conjunction with the tutoring program at the Center administered by Casey Family Services and the Boy’s Club. The computer curriculum promotes basic skill acquisition as well as project-based learning in community organization, education and leadership. The program is open to all youth living in the Lowell Housing Authority.

Supported Projects

Outreach, Tech Support, and Recycling Coordinator

Paul Savage

Accomplished on a regular basis the following tasks of Outreach, Tech Support, and Recycling Coordinator:

• Install software with licenses when updating or reformatting was needed
• Troubleshoot and repair computer systems with donations made by The Lowell Housing Authority
• Create flyers to attract working class people to the advantages of computer technology and for needed volunteers
• Recruit volunteers for the hours that were designated for each lab and for tech support
• Make daily connections with volunteers
• Fill the hours that volunteers could not work
• Run a recycling program for people that could not afford a computer

Progress has been made in the attendance of children and adults in the CTC’s maintained for Ed West. At the end of August, we had a 20% increase of children arriving after school to do their homework or just surf on the net since February. We have also made an increase of adult attendance in the courses we held. We have had at least 100 certificates to give to the graduates from our beginner’s computer courses. Our adults have learned the basics of Microsoft Office and Windows. They have even learned how to search for jobs and build perfect resumes. We have given away at least 50 computers in the last six months to MA Rehab clients and also students that have taken our courses. Donations were made regular by major companies and by individuals who wanted to give to our community. I have also updated all 30 computers with new software that was used by all participants. Especially learning tools for the children.

Part of Paul’s job was the development of a lesson plan to teach residents the basics of computers. Paul was to create a lesson plan for 6 or 8 week classes that would engage residents with a completion date set, and a new class to begin subsequently. This did not happen as planned and the one class that has met is still meeting after 12 weeks, with the same four students and no set plan to end. Paul is not supposed to be teaching directly, but it was allowed assuming that new volunteers were being sought to step in to teach. With very little success in recruiting and maintaining volunteers Paul chose to teach classes directly, in an effort to get the computer center utilized.

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