Seventh Day Baptist Community Development Education and Service Outreach Ministry

Charlestown, SC

Supported Projects

Pink House CTC Marketing and Outreach

Sharon Renae Smack

Our VISTA member will work with targeted low-income communities to ensure children (pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade) have access to computer technology and that the digital divide that currently seperates the low-income from the affluent continously decreases. Members will increase the capacity of the CTC and utilize technology resources – specifically the programs and facilities of the CTC – to educate, inform, and empower youth and adults to participate in community decision-making and local governance.

The CTC VISTA will
- engage in outreach to low-income communities that connects families with CTC
- work with local youth advisory groups to identify other CTCs and get the word out to the public
- secure computers from local companies to distribute to the poor
- introduce new software to youth attending the CTC
- expand after school computer lab programs
- recruit and train volunteers to deliver programs
- evaluate program outcomes
- investigate funding sources and contribute to the organization’s grant writing effort
- participate in in-service trainings and national service days
- plan for personal and professional development
- develop a web site service portfolio

Renae has collaborated with city and county agencies to create strong strategic alliances with the PINK HOUSE. She keeps on top of the changes and new programs that are provided by these agencies and continually keeps in touch with the community leaders to inform them of the programs being implemented.

Though I always come up with the purpose of the event, Renae never ceases to amaze me in the way she plans and prepares for an event. She coordinates, decorates, handles the media, finds the volunteers through programs set forth in her prior years of service from creation to completion of the event.

Through these hard times, Renae still continues to get our local community businesses to commit to the children and the community. She keeps in touch with our partners. She continues to create, implement, and maintain our technological programs for the youth using service projects.

Renae also worked The College of Charleston public relations department and was instrumental in our center receiving a team to create branding for the center as well as a solid volunteer base through the program they created.

The third grade class was in charge of creating the newsletter for the center this term. They had to select the team themselves. She monitored as they elected a editor, decided who would be the photographer, journalist etc.. Each child was given a job. They learned skills in creative writing, photography, making advertisements, team organizing and working together as a team.

She has worked tiredlessly with our organization and others in the community to build a strong sustainable relationship. Her request from the local college in our area created not only branding for the center but a volunteer base as well. Her continued contact with the City of Charleston Organizations helped to provide services to our residents in the community also is a valuable resource to the center. It gives us a great foundation to continue our service to the community.”
- Reverend King, supervisor

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