YMCA of Greater Boston

Boston, MA

The YMCA of Greater Boston is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body and spirit of individuals and families in our communities. We welcome men and women, boys and girls of all incomes, faiths and cultures.

Supported Projects

CyberY Outreach and Program Building

Jenny Lee

The goal of our VISTA is to create, run, and document activities in the CyberYs that enhance current YMCA programming and speak to the challenges in each community. The CyberY activities will be observed by other Boston-area YMCAs with the intent to expand successful projects to other branches.

Overall, Jenny has been a positive force for the lab. Everyone (staff) thought the effort was a success. Jenny was the first dedicated person for the computer lab, which was a huge step forward. Specifically, she continued working with the weekend Passport youth, and did more one-on-one training with preschool staff. The passport is a free access program for low-income Chinatown residents on Saturdays. Jenny also helped implement the E-newsletter.

Jenny completed the first newsletter, built relationships with Saturday Passport youth, collected resources, and worked on the first MIT Astronomy project.

Youth Program Development

Leena Silverman

- Successfully apply for and run the MIT/Astronomy project. Includes outreach, volunteer coordinating, and running the program over the summer.
- Successfully run the Kinetic City program. Including familiarizing herself with the curriculum, choosing participants, building relationships with the participants, teaching the class, and creating a presentation of the end result
- Create a CyberY operations binder.
- Create a digital movie with youth/teens about their life experience

VISTA’s major duties included full responsibility of computer lab and resources for the lab.

Transmission Project