What is an Artifact?

It’s difficult sometimes to find a best practice. Instead, the Transmission Project seeks out examples of Honest Practice from the partners we work with and support. These intermediary and process documents probably won’t give you the answer you seek, but we hope they provide you with examples, building blocks and inspiration to help you develop your own individual practice.

Consumer Internet Options Presentation, OTX West


This PowerPoint presentation is used for educating residents on internet otpions that are available to them and their relative strengths and weaknesses. This presentation was developed by Naomi Jimenez at Oakland Technology Exchange (OTX) West.

Computer Recycling Press Releases, HandyCapable Network


These press releases promote computer recycling and are distributed to local newspapers, television and radio stations. The language highlights the benefits of computer recycling and the organization’s benefits to the community. These press releases were created by Nathan Badera at HandyCapable Network in Greensboro, NC.

Assistive Technology Manual, DISKovery Center


The Assistive Technology Manual describes not only tools and products to aid people with disabilities, but also has etiquette and advice for respect in communications with a variety of impairments. This manual was developed by Anita Lie at the DISKovery Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Volunteer Manual, Davis Community Network


This volunteer manual is provided to volunteers in order to orient them to the organization, staff, programs, policies and procedures. It also contains information release and emergency contact forms. This document was prepared by VISTA Rian Graves at Davis Community Network in Davis, CA.

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