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Stephen Wills
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The overall goal of the VISTA is to build our capacity to sustain and grow our services to low-income teens and adults by expanding our regional web portal serving residents, organizations and business, and developing an on-line version of the Odd Jobs Squad program that helps youth advertise their odd job services.

- Expand and sustain new regional web portal by refining design, promoting the site to area residents and organizations, and soliciting sponsorship support from business
- Design, develop, launch and sustain an on-line site that enables youth and adults to sell and buy odd jobs services that is supported by organization and business sponsors.


Portland, OR

MicroMentor is a free online service that connects small business owners with business mentors. MicroMentor puts experience to work by offering business professionals meaningful volunteer opportunities and by offering entrepreneurs one-on-one advice to help build successful businesses. Our mission is to help small businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people. We make it easy to be a mentor, find a mentor, and build a business.

A free online service, we provide entrepreneurs with proven opportunities to grow their businesses and increase revenues by participating in a mentoring relationship.
Entrepreneurs, particularly those with low-incomes and limited access to business resources, realize significant economic benefits from mentoring services.
Mentors are provided with meaningful opportunities to “give back” by sharing their experience and expertise.
We primarily connect microentrepreneurs, owners of businesses that employ five people or less, to volunteer mentors who have successfully navigated business ownership or management.
MicroMentor is dedicated to the proposition that the success of low-income microentrepreneurs is crucial to the economic and social well being of our communities.
For more information, download MicroMentor’s Program Overview or contact us at info@micromentor.org.
MicroMentor is an initiative of Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps is a non-profit, humanitarian agency that implements community-led and market-driven programs in over 35 developing countries.

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