open information

Keystone Community Network (KCNet)

Lock Haven, PA

Keystone Community Network was established to provide the infrastructure for electronic access to local, state, and global information. The concentrated objective is to provide and enable “Education for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday.”

The mission of KCnet will be to maintain a rural area network that will offer electronic services for the educational, cultural and economic advancement of local communities. KCnet will provide access to electronic information for all citizens, utilizing a variety of resources, human, economic, and technical.

KCnet will provide to the community an Internet access, empower the community to become life long learners, and promote community and economic development.

KCnet has in place the infrastructure to provide the global access to the community to enable them to become a viable player in economic development . Clinton County and its neighbors must have the access to information technology and a trained work force to compete in the 21st century.

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